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Wildlife Track Kits

These North American wildlife tracks can be used to supplement your lessons on ecosystems, develop creative art projects, or to enhance animal information sheets in your classroom or nature center. Each track is anatomically accurate and made from durable resin.

You can make paw prints over and over again by pushing the animal tracks into mud or wet sand. You can even cast these fabulous prints using Plaster of Paris for an exciting take-home project that never fails to create a memorable experience.

The Environmental Education Resource Library has 3 separate educational kits that can be checked out.

Kit A – Carnivores
Kit B – Hoofed Animals, Domesticated Animals, and Hares/Rabbits
Kit C – Birds, Rodents, and other

Kit A Carnivores
Carnivore Tracks

Kit B Hoofed Domestic
Hoofed Animals, Domesticated Animals, and Hares/Rabbits

Kit C birds and rodents
Birds, Rodents, and other

How to Access: To check out the kit please fill out the form on the library website to make sure it's available.

Resource Types: Educational Materials & Curricula

Audience Served: Home Schools, Non-formal Educators, Private Schools, Public Schools, Scouts/Youth Groups, Teachers

Age Groups: All Ages

Environmental Focus:
             Medium: Animals/Wildlife

Academic Focus:
             Medium: Science

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